Dr. Faith Abraham

An award winning life coach and business strategist 

I’m Dr. Faith Abraham, and like you, I’ve always wanted to live a better life and serve others without selling my soul. But getting there wasn’t as easy as I thought or planned.

You see, I wasn’t born into wealth. I was raised by two immigrant parents who wanted nothing more than to provide a better life for themselves and their family. Education was often viewed as the key to success, but when I ventured out to pursue my career aspirations, I learned a hard lesson... education was NOT the master key that unlocks all doors.

I was devasted.

You see, even with a Ph.D., I was only earning $28 an hour. After that stint was over I couldn't find a job for anything. No one would even call me for interview! I was humbled by the experience to say the least. Really, I was broken. Everything I thought to be true wasn't.

I couldn't stay there though.

Everything changed when I reclaimed control of my destiny by becoming a life coach. I created and followed the exact methods I teach inside my certification program to build a six- figure life coaching business where I get to use my gifts to transform the lives of others.

Today, with 15 years of experience teaching my proven, signature coaching method, I’m known as the one who teaches ordinary people how to become extraordinary Life Mastery Coaches.

I'm inviting you to take control of your God given destiny.

I'm here to help you do just that.

I know what it is to be disappointed by life....

To have ambition and drive but no results...

But I also know what its like to turn it all around. To tap into destiny and purpose...

To get in total alignment with what God has for YOU!

It's time to tap in!



Testimonial Natalia 

Natalia S. is a certified Life Coach via Life Mastery School with Dr. Faith 

Testimonial - Marilyn D.

Testimonial - Marilyn D.


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