Life Mastery Academy

A coaching membership where you get extraordinary coaching to unlock the life of your dreams by Dr. Faith Abraham. Formerly known as Beauty & Brains Academy.

Life Mastery Academy is a cutting edge, transformational method of getting results in your life. In the Academy we have masterful tools and poignant resources for you to apply to create the amazing results in your life you know you are meant to have.

We believe that self mastery produces life mastery and within the academy you will receive mind blown coaching to get your life to the place you deserve to be.

No more

*Failed goals...

*Toxic relationship cycles...

*Success blocks...

*More month than money...

and no more living life beneath your potential!

Those are all experiences of the past.

Now with the type of mental, emotional and spiritual coaching in Life Mastery Academy you will produce a life that's:

*full of of peace & joy

*generate abundant amounts of income

*manifest the partner of your dreams

*turn your vision board into your real life

*become everything you were meant to become!

In Life Mastery Academy we don't allow our past to be an excuse but rather a form of leverage catapults us to our purpose. As you have now embarked upon coaching that will uplevel you internally you will begin to produce the life you want externally.

There are 5 tenants within the Academy that are of the upmost importance. When they are developed they will create the life you deserve to live. 

They are (in no particular order): 


Mental growth

Emotional growth

Spiritual growth 

Financial growth 

Physical growth 

Think about it. When these 5 facets of life are growing, developing and flourishing; you begin to live life at extremely high levels. 

You know the levels I'm talking about. You see other people living in it and it makes the baby of destiny in your womb leap for joy! 

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IN Life Mastery Academy:

  • Masterclass + Workbooks to deep dive into our monthly topics and truly conquer them

  • Coaching sessions where you and I go 1-on-1 with you in the Haute Seat working through your most pressing issues

  • Members Only Access to the Academy online community where like minded women reside + thrive

  • Secret Resource Vault with complete access to all of my resources, ebooks, stragegies and systems that I’ve been cultivating for almost 20 years to expedite your growth and success

  • Discount on all of my products 

  • Q&A LIVE sessions every month with Dr Faith 

  • Book club and reviews to grow and develop to manifest the life you know you are supposed to live

  • Complementary 30 minute one on one session per month with Dr. Faith. You can discuss any topic you desire and Dr. Faith will coach you one on one!*


Right now you have the opportunity of a lifetime opportunity to work one on one with Dr. Faith Abraham!


  • Courses you will receive Dr. Faith's highly requested and best selling course Your Purpose is Calling. This course has helped many people discover their purpose and begin to walk in it! For most people it takes years and DECADES to discover this. This course will help you within days.

  • Free book Dr. Faith's best selling book Soul Issues. Soul issues helps you acknowledge the areas of your life that you are most vulnerable in to grow and overcome. This causes massive healing and results to happen in your life. Youre able to go from not being sure to being solid for success.

The time is now! I coach you and other like minded individuals simultaneously. It's the coaching program that takes you by the hand to help you understand yourself, align your desires and manifest the life you were born to live.​​

Join Life Mastery Academy today!

*Please note this is a monthly membership. You will be charged per month.

*You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

*I suggest being committed to this for a year and if you don't like it or you don't grow you can cancel.

*One on one coaching sessions with Dr. Faith are only offered on the upgraded plan.

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