Life Mastery School

Learn how to build a 6 figure coaching business from scratch with no ads, no team & no expertise needed

Do you know that the life coaching industry is a $3 billion a year industry and the second fastest growing industry in the world according to CNBC?

Do you want to be apart of it?

In Life Mastery School I'm going to help you become a phenomenal life coach, make passive income of $3,000-$20,000 per month, create the life of your dreams and change lives at the SAME time.

Hi, Im Dr. Faith Abraham 

Ive helped hundreds of people find their unique gift and become certified coaches and counselors. I built a 6 figure coaching and counseling business from scratch. And in the process I discovered how to truly run a successful coaching business. I even created my own special method (the D.A.P method) to facilitate total life transformation in the lives of my clients. 

In Life Mastery School Im going to show you how to do the same. 

I'll show you how to:


*become the person you were meant to become

*travel all over the world 

*create financial freedom and independence

Before I found success in coaching, I knew what it is to struggle financially, doubt myself, struggle through limiting beliefs that were reinforced to keep me down...

I remember especially graduating from college and sitting on my bedroom floor eating ramen noddles cause thats all I could afford, driving to and fro on a half tank of gas cause I didn’t have enough to fill it to FULL. 

Imagine having no furniture, in a one bedroom dreaming of a better life to sitting in my "mini" 7 bedroom mansion, living in the neighborhood of my dreams, driving my favorite luxury car (with tank on F) because I go over my fears, doubts and went to work with the vision I had in my heart. 

It is possible. I've done it. Now I want to show you. 

Ill teach you how to:

*Develop the millionaire mindset... 

*Learn how to discover your unique gifts & expertise...

*Overcome your fear, doubt and limiting beliefs...

*You get my unique frameworks and notebooks...

*and the technologies that are used to build a successful 6 figure coaching business.

Everything you need to start from scratch just like I did.  Just like I helped my clients to do too.

Vincent Henderson

I’ve been in the people business for a long time.  During that time, I rarely was compensated for the work I did.  I wasn’t looking for it but as the demand became more and more I couldn’t handle not being compensated. 

I got certified to be a Christian counselor and now am making $2,000 each month.  My goal is to expand my business so I can leave my job do this full time along with my ministry work.  I wasn’t sure If I could make a living helping people, but Dr. Faith showed me I could. Now I’m finally being paid what I’m worth for the work I do in my business. 

Marilyn Dabney

Dr. Faith is truly a fire cracker of a blessing.  My goal was to transition into Christian Counseling full time but she took it a step further.  She showed me how to create multiple streams of income in my business and create tools for my clients.  In my VIP program with her we carved out my niche, developed and started working on a digital product plan and even facilitated a plan for me to leave my job using social media! 

I’m so grateful for her expertise because it would have taken me at least 3-5 years to learn all that she has shown me in order to establish a 6-figure business (I see it going to 7 figures lol) and live life on my own terms!  

Chioma Okeke

I’ve worked with Dr. Faith for some time now and let me just say that the information that she gives is always top notch and worth every penny she charges.  We had a call one time where we discussed my business and she told me I was undercharging for my services.  I couldn’t see it.  We went over it and she told me to put a price tag of $5,000 on my program.  I did and guess what?  Within the next week I had a client who paid $5,000 in full!

I was in shock!  Now when I look at my 6-figure business I’m grateful but I see it generating 7 figures for me and that’s where I’m headed.  I can’t thank Dr. Faith enough because not only do we get my money right we get my mind right for a million-dollar business. 

What are you waiting for?

This is your time this is your moment. Hundreds of people just like you who have taken action to live the life of your dreams. It’s your turn to do the same. 

What you get:

Coaching skillset (value $2997)

6 figure business blueprint (value $2997)

Community support (value $97 per month)

Ongoing coaching/business education (value $997)

Total Value : $8200 for only $1297

Enroll now! 

Space is limited. 

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