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Dr. Faith Abraham

Hello my dear beauty,

I want to let you in on a secret…

It’s the information that you feel like you need to know but aren’t quite sure about. As a matter of fact something on the inside of you is nudging you for more…

I know that feeling.  

That feeling is undeniably annoying.  It keeps nawing at you until its finally satisfied but you don’t really know what it is. That’s the way I felt when I was sensing that there was a BIG SHIFT in my life that God was leading me to.  

Have you ever wondered why and how some people are successful in every aspect of life like financially, emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually?

Do you ever doubt if you have what it takes to create financial freedom, travel at a moments notice or build an empire of business where your employees love you?

Ever wanted to get advice and coaching from a multi-millionaire for less than a Starbucks a day?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions it time to get some answers and move into that BIG SHIFT!

Many blessings,

Your faaaavorite doctor hunni, Dr. Faith Abraham

Start your path to success

No more holding back it's time to get to the place and level you know you deserve to be.



This type of mentorship and coaching is NOT for Everyone!

  • If you’re not willing to invest in your success…
  • If you’re not willing to do the werk (physical & mental werk) …
  • If you’re wanting to continue in your same bad habits and routines …

Then this is not for you!  

You’ll get frustrated because this type of coaching is meant for a certain type of person.  And this person has a certain type of mindset...

a multi-millionaire mindset; a faith fueled, purpose driven millions generating mindset; an overcome the odds no matter what mindset.

The person who is committed to their success and ready to do whatever it takes to become all they were born to be.  You have to be ready to implement the strategies you learn from Dr. Faith and the guests that she brings.

Remember its not just about what you know but rather what you know and put into action. 

If you’re not willing to do that then this won’t work for you. You’ll probably drop out or be removed from the group.

But if you’re tired of being sick and tired and ready for the YOU full of power, dominion and authority to rise up let’s keep going...

Sometimes in order to accomplish something we just need a good community to keep us accountable and that’s understandable.  You’ll get that within the Academy.

If you’re tired of being sick and tired and ready for the YOU who is full of power, dominion and authority to rise up let’s keep going…

Who is Dr. Faith Abraham?

I am a bestselling author, speaker, coach and have created multiple businesses with multi-streams of income that have generated millions of dollars in revenue.  

I teach others how to become the best version of themselves and also how to become an expert in order to generate the income you desire. 

That hasn’t always been my story though...

Like you, I’ve always wanted to live a better life and serve others without selling my soul. But getting there wasn’t as easy as I thought or planned.

You see, I wasn’t born into wealth. I was raised by two immigrant parents who wanted nothing more than to provide a better life for themselves and their family. Education was often viewed as the key to success, but when I ventured out to pursue my career aspirations, I learned a hard lesson that education was NOT the master key that unlocks all doors.

You see, even with a Ph.D., I wasn't getting paid in tandem with my degrees. But all that changed when I reclaimed control of my destiny by becoming a life coach.

I created and followed the exact methods I teach inside my certification program to build a six-figure life coaching business where I get to use my gifts to transform the lives of others.

Today, with 15 years of experience teaching my proven, signature coaching method, I’m known as the one who teaches ordinary people how to become extraordinary Life Mastery Coaches.

So many people are looking for direction and clarity.  They’re looking “that missing thing” in their life and they begin the search for a mentor/coach for advice. 

Maybe that’s you…

you’re feeling hopeless, like you’re meant for more but more isn’t coming, you’re frustrated with your results and even feeling a little defeated because of all the failed attempts at achieving more.

Don’t give up!  

Your breakthrough is around the corner. 

You have to get angry enough to facilitate the change you want to see! That anger will put a fire in your bones so you can INVEST in yourself and take ACTION. 

I want to offer you what you have been looking for.  

I want to give you what is missing and what I implemented in my own life that created a burst of change.

I am called to make IMPACT and help others. 

My mission is to give and provide to others what I didn’t have when I was struggling. 

Your story doesn’t have to end in the struggle.  Your story is just beginning!

This is exactly what you need to move you into the place of soaring you sense within you!

Your story doesn’t have to end in the struggle.  Your story is just beginning!

This is exactly what you need to move you into the place of soaring you sense within you!




Learn strategies to grow in your power, dominion and authority in order to overcome any challenge or unexpected

change that may come your way.


Break past the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from quality platonic and romantic relationships.


Everyone knows that you cannot go higher in life without investing in yourself. You are your best investment.  I will teach you the high value mastery skills of daily routines, affirmations & visualization and mindset techniques to that will have your life recalibrated by this time next year!


Learn strategies & systems that Dr. Faith uses to grow your business. Find out how to manage your thoughts and emotions to drive sales & profits. (Yes, your feelings can determine your income!)


Your thoughts activate emotions, Your emotions elicit an ACTION, Your actions will create the life you live. When you know this and I teach you how to work this in your favor everything you desire will begin to line up for you.

Start your path to success

No more holding back it's time to get to the place and level you know you deserve to be.

I know that of the many people who call me their coach or who purchase my low cost programs there are very few who REALLY desire more out of life and are willing to work for it.

When they are working for it but somehow get stuck they just need the coaching to get there from someone who’s already done it.

For private coaching with me my fee is upwards of $10,000 and that’s for 12 weeks of training.  

That is usually reserved for people who have reached high levels of their desired goals but want more or need the self mastery I provide.  They are able to easily afford high cost personal and business investments like that. 

Yet I knew I had to do more...

I know that there are people who are just starting their business journey or have been in their business journey but just aren’t seeing the results they desire.  They’re ready to go to that next level but can’t figure out what’s missing. 

That’s why I offer Life Mastery Academy…

A program with a low entry level price point but with high value to SHIFT people just like you into the next level.


I offer it but you have to take action. 

Here’s what my former clients have had to say about me and what I’ve been able to help them accomplish and do for themselves…

Testimonial Marilyn D.

This is Marilyn D.'s experience working with Dr. Faith Abraham.  

Testimonial Natalia S.

This is Natalia S.'s experience working with Dr. Faith Abraham

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IN Life Mastery Academy:

  • Masterclass w/ Workbook  to deep dive into our monthly topics and truly conquer them (Value $97)

  • Coaching sessions where you and I go 1-on-1 with you in the Haute Seat working through your most pressing issues (Value $497)

  • Members Only Access to the Academy online community where like minded women reside + thrive (Value priceless)

  • Secret Resource Vault with complete access to all of my resources, ebooks, strategies and systems that I’ve been cultivating for almost 20 years to expedite your growth and success (Value priceless)

  • Discount on all of my products 

  • Q&A LIVE sessions every month with Dr Faith (Value $497)

  • Book club reads and reviews to grow and develop to manifest the life you know you are supposed to live (Value $97)

Life Mastery will only cost you $97 the cost of a daily cup of coffee!

Invest in your future today.

This opportunity will not always be available. Take advantage of it while it is still here and Dr. Faith is available to invest in your future through this avenue.




Its your time. Its your turn.

Success loves speed! Take quick action to activate your success!